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Do not be a thoughtless artist

Do not be a thoughtless artist

Well, this sentence can mean several things all at once. Let’s enlist a few of the common mistakes beginners are keen to do, just for you to learn from it and not follow lead.

  • Do not blindly follow artistic trends. What works today for one person, it’s not guaranteed to work for you. Everyone has their own way of self-expression.
  • Do not be desperate to become famous
  • Do not try to use arts to make money
  • Steer clear from straight-up copying others’ work, just because they make a good money with their art.
  • Try not to make arts a way of competition. It’s your own thing which you do for your own sake. Then what comes out of it, it depends on talent, luck and exposure later on.
  • Don’t do mass production items, unless you need to.

Instead try your hand in many things. If you feel you’ve reached a stalling point in graphics, learn more about painting, try pastel, sculpting, even ceramics. Learning is always great and it only serves your further improvement.

Do not be a thoughtless artist


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